Kristen is lovely. She is super friendly with a bright smile. She ensures she understood my vision/needs prior to the session. Also very flexible and accommodating. Willing to change the session time/location due to unforeseen circumstances. She didn’t mind getting wet & took photos in the rain for us. Kristen felt like a friend to us and made us feel comfortable. We didn’t feel awkward in front of her camera. Her final products blew us away when we received the photos. We love the photos and her style.
— S. C. (Canada)
The fact that Kristen had a free 15 minute call with us a few days prior to the shoot was amazing. She’s so personable and really thinks of different ways to engage the kids. Throughout the entire photoshoot she kept a cheerful smile even when my kids weren’t cooperative. I also appreciate she had suggestions for color schemes. It helped me pick out the right outfit for our family. I love the soft yet bright and happy feelings that are expressed through her photos. I love her work.
— Joyce O. (USA)
Kwei is a very cheerful photographer who would guide us to make funny postures, and having fun together while photoshooting
— Stephanie C. (Hong Kong)
Kristen was a lot of fun to work with and very accommodating even when we got sick. She does a great job of figuring out our style & vibe as a couple and tries to match the shots to that. Kristen isn't afraid to try different, fun poses. Even if they don't work out in the end, it helps us to get in a good mood and take great pictures together. The editing really captured our personality and framed us perfectly. We'd definitely take photos in Taipei again with you. Can't wait to see you again in the future!
— Jon J. (USA)
KWEI願意等待孩子的耐心是我們最感謝的!我的孩子對陌生人比較慢熟,拍攝日是第一次見面,原先有點擔心孩子會因為緊張而不愉快不配合,但還好在那之前Kwei 願意多花時間錄影片讓孩子認識她,減少距離感,非常用心。當天天氣很熱,KWEI很辛苦的陪我們在太陽下曬了兩個多小時,還要和孩子玩重複的遊戲,下次也許選冬天拍照好了😂
— 子薇 (新竹)
KWEI is a professional photographer. Her cheerful personality makes it easy for us to get involved.
— Raymond L. (Macao)
Kristen was super friendly and made us feel really comfortable and let us be our goofy selves! I love her photo style - it's all in the moment and she's also pretty good at directing too. She's amazing book her now!
— Joey A. (United Kingdom)
Kristen is just so personal, friendly, and caring with making your experience a wonderful and stress free time. She did a lot of little things to make the kids comfortable and keep them happy. She was so accommodating with our small time frame that we were in Taiwan and could take pictures. Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much!
— Taylor Y. (USA)
Kristen is extremely nice and comfy to be with in a shoot. I'm not really good at posing for photos, so her giving instructions in a cool manner was definitely very helpful. My favorite parts was when she took our photos before I proposed to my girlfriend. This was something we planned prior and she was able to execute it nicely. The photos as well were excellent & were to our liking! Kristen did an excellent job throughout the shoot so much that we'd even consider her for our marriage in the future!
— Brian O. (Philippines)
Absolutely would recommend!!! Loved how friendly she was and how she proactively fixed my hair or dress for me. How she tried to play a game with my daughter to get her to smile. Loved how she encouraged us to take more different angles/poses. Even with my daughter not cooperating she was still so understanding! Can’t wait book another session with her already!
— Amy D. (USA)
Very easy to connect with, professional, and love the outcome of the photos.
— Ade H. (SIngapore)
The whole process with KWEI was a very pleasant experience. From the clear and thoughtful steps of the booking process to the video communication before shooting, I was full of expectations for KWEI's professional shooting. With sufficient communication and understanding in advance, the one-hour shooting went smoothly and happily, which shows that KWEI made full preparation and mastered the needs and preferences of customers, so that the photos are very natural and reveal the story of customers' lives.
— Carol W. (Taipei)
It was great - highly recommend! KWEI has a high level of empathy + ability to connect, especially with kids. She has a high attention to detail & great design style/photos--being able to capture when kids were smiling requires speed + skill. Her positive energy made her easy to work with; she was also well prepared (pre-photo video chat, details on where to meet etc.). I asked my daughter what were her highlights of our Taiwan trip, she said it was the photoshoot with Kristen Yi-Yi :)
— A. Y. (Singapore)
I love that she takes your personal preferences into consideration, and it shows in the pictures! She makes sure you're comfortable so you look more like yourself in the photos. She's also very encouraging during the shoot, so you feel more confident in front of the camera :) She's wonderful!
— Hannah C. (USA)
Easy communication. Natural and comfortable. No cheesy or tacky poses. Good with kids.
— Ai Leen F. (Singapore)
Had such a wonderful time shooting with Kristen! She’s very friendly and great with my very active son, managed to get great candid casual shots of us having a ball of a time. Also, as a tourist, we didn’t know where to shoot so Kristen gave really great suggestions, relieving us of the stress of location picking! We also love the quick turnaround in general. Can’t think of how the experience could get any better to be honest!
— Tania S. (Singapore)
She beautifully captured the essence of our relationship through her lens! Her talent and creativity have made these moments unforgettable. We LOVE the photos and we had a lot of fun during the session! They truly capture special moments and help us remember our first time together in Taiwan.
— Betty K. (USA)
— Mina (台北)
Extremely helpful and accommodating to be part of the proposal surprise. The photos were warm and with nice bokeh, shot and placed nicely in the golden hour glow!
— CY (Singapore)
The photo gallery came back really quickly, faster than we expected, and they look AMAZING. Such a great assortment of family, couple, and solo shots - as well as a good mix of styles from the classic family photo to candids, funny ones, artsy ones, etc. SUPER happy we did this during our time in Taiwan & highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to get photos done while here :)
— Matthew B. (USA)
My family had such a fun time with Kristen taking photos. We were all in love with the spot she recommended in Taipei - even though many of them grew up there, this was a beautiful location they'd never visited before! She knew how to work with a variety of people - from my mom and grandma who love acting like super models to my camera-shy husband.
— Vivian Y. (USA)
Fun, easy going, and great shooting locations.
— Kathryn I. (USA)
Photos were great! The entire experience was a blast. I want to have candid photos & a fun shoot and it did end up the way I want it to be. Kwei is such a professional photographer. Not just good with taking photos but even better in setting up the mood. She showed up on time and shoot went by really fast since we had fun. She brings out the best in you for you to look so fabulous & happy & blessed in all the photos. Will definitely have another shoot if I get to visit Taipei again ♥️
— Adrianne B. (Philippines)
I appreciate your attention to details and the service you provided. Like how you offer a short interview in advance and the smooth booking flow. I think everything is very well done! It's so lucky to have you to document my memory.
— Angel B. (Canada)
The photos were good! The style of the photos was what we wanted :) I would say that it is a good experience for people who are not the most comfortable in front of the camera as Kristen was good at giving directions, helping us to relax (the warm-up was helpful), and hyping us up. My favourite parts were that it was comfortable and natural and that some of the shots reflected the ideas/thoughts/inspiration photos shared with her beforehand.
— Royston W. (Singapore)
Kwei's photos are just like her, warm, fun and natural. This is our second time having Kristen take our pictures and I think the funniest part is the process. It feels so simple, the poses are natural, and the delivery was so fast!
— Yiyi Y. (Taipei)
KWEI 的照片和她的人一樣,溫暖又充滿活力!溝通過程都非常順利簡單,知道她是一個在意細節的人,也聆聽我們的需求提供適合我們的包套。拍攝當天有三個月嫩嬰再加上一個三歲多的調皮小孩,KWEI也能很好的和小孩互動,再加上專業的技巧,快狠準的達到了我們的需求。照片也處理的很快,我們一下子就能看到成果也非常喜歡~真的是一次好棒好玩的體驗!推薦給家裡有小小孩的家庭哦!
— Helen (台北)
I CRIED!! When I saw my photos, I cried. To see myself captured in such a beautiful light literally moved me to tears. Not only is Kristen an incredibly sweet person, she’s also SO talented and passionate for what she does. She is kind, supportive and a MAJOR hype woman who will make sure you feel absolutely gorgeous & confident during your shoot with her. My favorite part of my experience was the amount of time we spent laughing—we had so much fun together and made the photoshoot a wonderful experience.
— Vivian H. (Taipei)
照片非常自然好看 很有感動的感覺 能在我們的互動中拍照片 成果也非常滿意 就是太喜歡了
— Emily C. (Taipei)
KWei is very fun to hang out with, which makes the experience much better. KWei has a lot of good posing ideas, and works hard to make them happen!
— Kuan C. (Taipei)
I've been recommending you to people who I know are going to Taiwan! I think the very fact that my kids love you speaks volumes <3 The shoot and the photos was hands down our best takeaway and memory from our family trip, and honestly makes me want to go back every year to capture our family's growth under your beautiful lens! I was worried about awkwardness but the pre-shoot call was such a good idea especially with kids to get to know you and also whom to expect! The overall experience was great!
— Amanda C. (Singapore)


— 孜珈 (台北)
Kristen is super friendly and nice, she’s very accommodating to our needs, and she makes the photoshoot session very fun for us. I liked how you made us do different poses/actions so we can enjoy the experience more! The photos were great! It’s hard to take photos for a baby but you nailed it! My whole family is very happy with the photos. I think you are a very talented photographer!
— Heilok W. (Hong Kong)
KWEI Photography is professional and customer friendly. The photos are awesome and capture the memories that we want to keep. Kwei is attentive to our requests and makes everything go smoothly.
— Daisy (Taipei)
KWEI takes absolutely awesome photos whilst making everyone feel totally relaxed 🥰 You’re perfect for us ❤️ I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for capturing our special moments. These photos are truly amazing ! You made us feel so comfortable and gave some good direction when required ✨
— Michelle L. (Hong Kong)
Kristen made my husband and I feel so comfortable on the day of the actual shoot, and we had a lot of fun. She also took the time to send us multiple recommendations for Mexican food after my husband mentioned craving it. My husband and I love how the photos turned out and are so happy we did this, even if it was a bit out of our comfort zones. The photos are beautiful. I truly could not recommend Kristen highly enough!
— Jess C. (USA)
Taking photos with Kristen was so much fun! She was so encouraging and supportive as we took the photos, and we love every single one of them. You're the best!!
— Cori E. (Taipei)
Kristen is a very friendly person and she engages us so much during the one hour session. She's sincere and bothers to find out our likings. The photos turned out to be what we envisioned. After the session, my kids told me it was super fun which I didn't expect. ;) Super satisfied.
— Kerry N. (Singapore)
I was nervous about getting my photos taken because I'm very uncomfortable in front of a camera, but Kristen made me feel super comfortable and the shoot was a lot of fun! I'm very happy with the end result, too.
— Jordyn H. (Taipei)
I will tell my friends of how amazing of a photographer Kristen is. Our favorite parts were the location and Kristen hyping us up. We just love the photos so much and we felt very comfortable during the whole photo shoot, it was a great experience.
— Reagie K. (USA)
KWEI is great to work with in terms of communicating and making us feel comfortable. She is really talented at what she does! We love the photos so much: how they embody our vibe, convey our feelings, and your unique perspective. And we had lots of fun during the shoot! We really liked how the photos showed a full range of moments - from us being silly to intimate - and the different angles and lighting! It gave us lots to choose from and sth really special to look back when we're old and wrinkly :)
— Sam C. (Singapore)
Kristen was incredibly organized from the very beginning of the process. She communicated clearly and truly went above and beyond in answering all of my questions as this was a new experience for me! Kristen really cared about our experience. I appreciate that Kristen was open to our ideas and input throughout the process.
— Tony M. (USA)
Kristen is a beautiful ray of light with an eye to capture special moments. She makes you feel very comfortable and also very professional at the same time. Her smile makes you want to smile. We are so glad we chose her to capture our special Taiwan memories.
— Katie B. (USA)
我已經大推薦大家去找你拍 太愛了 整組照片我都超級喜歡 看了一百遍 我知道修圖超級辛苦 KWEI is Already Perfect 但照片真的每一張都好愛 覺得不夠多哈哈哈哈哈哈 真的非常感謝
— 函靜 (台北)
From start to finish, it was an immensely comfortable and warm experience! I loved being able to discuss the details ahead of time, and it really helped us get aligned on what we were looking for. The speed at which we got to shoot outfits and the creativity and direction was super helpful during the shoot.
— Erin H. (USA)
KWEI really went out of her way during the shoot (like carrying my bag 😅 and lying on the floor to get a shot). I thought it was really helpful when she sort of preempted us and shared her prior experiences, so that we knew what to expect during the actual shoot. I also thought it was reassuring to know that she had contingency plans for bad weather, so we could just go ahead without any worries. Payment method was also convenient. It was all really a great experience 😊
— James (Singapore)
I would recommend you to my friends for sure. You are the sweetest photographer who has patience and really knows how to take good photos. I appreciate your skills in catching the good lighting and bring life to each of the pictures. Thank you for taking our family photos. We all enjoyed meeting you!
— Mei C. (USA)
We're so glad that we got the opportunity to have Kristen take our family photos. The experience was fun and easy even in the rain! I really appreciated the flexibility to accommodate our baby's sleep schedule as well as Kristen's tips on location and outfits! She was able to capture many sweet, natural moments. We love the photos!
— Margaret R. (USA)
We had a great experience working with Kristen, and would happily recommend her! She was responsive and proactive with ideas for shoot locations, and takes the initiative to get to know her clients in order to meaningfully capture their stories. I appreciate Kristen's work ethic and flexibility — we confirmed our shoot last minute, but she made it happen and we were happy with the outcome. We liked how creative, spontaneous, and encouraging she is during the shoot — which resulted in some great moments.
— Victoria C. (Singapore)
We really appreciated your work - it was truly amazing photos and something my mother in law loved also! next time, should be with grandma :) Our favorite part was allowing us to be our natural selves and ensuring we got the best photos together with the best lighting and loved that you were very inclusive of the different groups/couples to ensure we all got diversity on photos. You were amazing to work with! Really want to come back to Taiwan just to shoot with you :)
— Monica N. (USA)

— 君瑜 (台北)
We are really awkward people. Kristen's bubbly personality was able to make us feel comfortable and at ease. Not to mention, her photos are great! She her native tongue is English, which made communication much easier for those who do not speak mandarin. We are blessed to have met Kristen :) Thank you so much Kristen!
— Javier N. (Singapore)
We felt very comfortable working with Kristen! The photos taken are professionally satisfying. Kristen is responsive and gave us a lot of different locations for us to choose the location and the call before actual photoshoot is really helpful. We were bad in posing and Kristen kept giving us all the different ideas to pose for pictures. ! Kristen is a talented photographer that takes great pride in her work. We had a great experience with Kristen and would highly recommend her!
— Wei Shan K. (Singapore)
First time I knew Kristen was randomly on Instagram when I wanted to find photographer in Taiwan. As a first timer doing a photoshoot, me and my fiancé would never thought the process and the result will be perfect. We were so stiff and not photogenic at all, but Kristen could handle us easily. I will recommend Kristen to my friends and family because she is a professional photographer and humble with us, we can bonding each other even we never met before. Thank you for capturing our moments together.
— Stephanie H. (Indonesia)
— Cindy C. (台北)
No regrets engaging Kristen for the photoshoot. The entire experience was seamless from getting to know you to the actual day. Kristen was helpful in addressing my queries and recommended multiple places of interest for the shoot. My parents were initially awkward in some poses however she managed to liven the spirits up. Eventually everyone enjoyed the shoot experience! So glad she managed to capture these photos so beautifully. Taipei holds a special place in our heart, just like these photos ❤️.
— Claricia C. (Singapore)
We loved that the whole experience from getting our questions answered prior to confirming our photoshoot, up till the shoot day itself, was so easy and Kristen was very responsive and provided us many location options to choose from. Our favorite was how she interacted so well with our little girl and managed to get her to cooperate with her cues during the shoot, that was amazing! Really no complaints, everything was so smooth and we were really happy with the process and how lovely the photos turned out!
— Richelle R. (Singapore)
Creative, spontaneous, accommodative, fun.
— Eddie Y. (Singapore)
As a first timer for photoshoot, Kristen really made my fiancé and I felt as ease. We were so stiff but she could help us in the poses. The photos really turned out nice and natural. We had a lot of fun during the shoot. I love how professional Kristen is. She did the site research well and it helps to maximise the photoshoot time. Would hope that the shoot was a little longer. 😊
— Stella C. (Singapore)
Fantastic experience! Kristen has such a good eye! It felt casual, yet the photos came out great. Even our kids enjoyed because Kristen was able to make everyone feel at ease.
— Stephanie C. (Philippines)
My kids warmed up to Kristen right away! She also remembered the shots I wanted.
— Olivia H. (USA)
Kristen is a very talented, friendly photographer who captured the joy and cheekiness of our kids perfectly. She is very good with children and really brought out the best smiles in them. Thank you for capturing all the beautiful memories of our family! It was an unforgettable experience for the entire family as we explored a new place in Taipei and had so much fun hanging out with Kristen too! Just can't stop smiling as I look through the photos. Would recommend everyone who goes to Taiwan to engage her!
— En L. (Singapore)
From the moment I showed interest, communication was on point. Everything was honestly perfect. It was our first time to have our pictures taken by a professional and we were nervous on how it would turn out as we’re a bit shy. Kwei was incredible and guided us all the way with a smile. It honestly didn’t feel like a stranger was taking the photos and it felt like a friend was. It was definitely one of the best experiences if not the best one we had in our short trip to Taipei.
— Daniel P. (Philippines)
We really enjoyed the whole photoshoot experience especially attempting the poses, interacting with Kristen and also walking through Taipei's street, discovering new places etc. Kristen is really good, there's nothing bad to feedback :)
— PapyPress (Singapore)
Kristen is talented and knew how to capture us even if we are not used to model. She help us with the place, the outfit and the poses. We really like Kwei’s joyous mood that help us a lot. We spend a wonderful hour during our Taipei holidays and we are already sharing our pics with family. Can’t wait to show them to our baby and explain him the story.
— Corinne G. (France)
Very fun session. Kristen is very professional. She managed to handle a group of 8 pax and made sure everyone looks good in the photos. I’ll definitely engage her photography service the next time I’m in Taiwan again. Thank you Kristen for all the beautiful photos! Totally love it!
— Amelia T. (Singapore)
Very friendly and charming photographer! Even though it was the first day we met but it felt like we've known each other for a while. Very good experience and I love the photos!
— Pei-Yu K. (Taipei)
Kristen is a really fun person to hang out with and can speak English well! Trust that she is able to take nice photos for you and it’ll be a great memory! She’ll ask if you’ve have any requests/styles which you want to go for so don’t worry about being open with her! She’s also good with taking candid shots! She even take some time off her schedule to have a short chat pre-photoshoot to get to know you first so that no time is wasted during the shoot and this is something i really appreciate!
— Ying Ying L. (Singapore)
Kristen is such a lovely photographer to work with! We instantly click, no awkward stage just radiate good vibes! She makes us feel comfortable and relax and my parents felt super happy after the session. Thanks for the capturing the wonderful moment, means a lot to us!
— Serene T. (Malaysia)
Photoshoots don’t have to be awkward and unnatural if you find the right photographer that likes to have fun! I love that Kristen made the session very comfortable, casual, and carefree with the perfect amount of guidance on poses. I was impressed by the diverse backgrounds in our photos even though we were stationed in the same location the entire time. These beautiful photos will forever remind us of our memorable Taipei trip during our engagement celebrations! Thank you for sharing your artistic talent!
— Jenny L. (USA)
Fantastic photos. Could not have asked for more. Kristen is good with kids and this made it very easy for us. We enjoyed the experience.
— Wei Bang S. (Singapore)
Kristen captures the energy and atmosphere of an event effortlessly and really highlights memories that you won't want to forget. She is easy to work with; she knows when to "blend" into the background to get candid shots but also knows when to direct--creating a necessary balance.
— Sunny S. (United Kingdom)
Great photographer to work with. Kristen was energetic, engaging, and a lot of fun! Thanks Kristen to capture all the moments that we will cherish forever. I am so glad that I stumbled across KWEI Photography. I can’t say enough about how professional Kristen is and the quality of work that she provides. I was so pleased with my session and final photographs. I would not change a thing, cos she’s already good on what she’s doing.
— Theo C. (Singapore)
Kwei is a great communicator, timely in the entire process from beginning to end, and very professional. She makes people feel comfortable so it is natural to have her take pictures without feeling like we have to pose ourselves. It is easy to smile and laugh because she makes it fun. She does a great job encouraging people to do different things so it feels natural.
— Kyndal C. (Taipei)
To be honest there wasn't any part I didn't enjoy. The whole process was easy and great! Kristen was very informative and that made everything go perfectly. We're not big photo fans, but Kristen made the shoot super easy and comfortable for us and we enjoyed every second. We would definitely like to do another shoot with you the next time we are in Taiwan. You are professional and made us feel at ease. Thank you for the most beautiful photos!
— Joey F. (South Africa)
Kristen made a really big effort to get to know our family within the pre shoot zoom call. I liked how I had forgotten about the slight drizzle totally by the end of the shoot and how time really just breezed right by because the shoot felt like a catch up with a friend. She made the shoot fun. The shots turned out so much better than I had expected (I really am amazed that she could capture the ambience and feel of the place + our family emotions all in one frame). Expect high quality spontaneous shots!
— Weishan C. (Singapore)
We loved the photos and the way the gallery is nice and easy to browse and download. Favourite parts were communication from beginning to end, the shoot itself, Kristen going above and beyond with her time even though we had a large group and had to manage young and old, and the final results! It's a really great experience and you're in good hands with Kristen. Thanks Kristen!
— Brian L. (Australia)
Can you imagine how chaotic it can be to shoot a big family get together of a family of triplets, a family with a toddler, and grandparents? But Kristen did it! It felt chaotic at the moment herding everyone like cats… but Kristen was able to capture everyone’s expressions of joy in an amazingly natural smile. She captures snapshots that you will want to keep forever keep. Taking photos with Kristen is a great way to gift your family photos that they will forever cherish!
— Carol C. (Taipei)
I think Kristen is very professional! We were really awkward and she guided us on how to pose. Even my husband enjoyed himself! Everything was great.
— Lovell A. (Singapore)
KWEI will make you feel so calm and comfortable during the shoot and she is thoughtful in her approach prior to the shoot as well. She has the perfect energy! She makes an effort to get to know you and what you're looking to capture. She's also helpful and clear with directions. She goes with the flow to capture candid and natural, beautiful shots. She's easy to communicate with and listens to her clients wants and needs.
— Joy H. (Taipei)
Kristen did a wonderful job at capturing our family on camera! Kristen was so kind and patient with our 2 year old daughter! She made the process fun and everyone had a great time! We will cherish these photos forever! THANK YOU!
— Ashley S. (Taipei)
On the day of our roomie photoshoot, Kristen helped us pose more naturally in front of the camera as she took our skateboarding photos, and tried different backgrounds/angles to get the perfect action shot. Despite the fickle weather, Kristen remained upbeat, adaptable, and fun to be around. I am so happy with how our roomie photos turned out, and feel they capture the essence of street style x city life. If you’re in Taipei, I truly recommend Kristen, and would book KWei Photography again in a heartbeat!
— Janet C. (USA)
Kristen’s personable personality makes taking photos fun, comfortable, and chill at the same time! She has a good eye for styling poses, capturing the right angles, and editing. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a friendly and skilled photographer in the northern Taiwan area! :)
— Alice H. (Taipei)
We asked Kristen to take our engagement photos, and we couldn’t be happier with the process and the results! We absolutely loved working with her, and could not recommend her more. Her professionalism added with her warm personality made the entire experience that much more enjoyable for us! Both of us are not always the most comfortable in front of the camera. However, Kristen made our shoot so fun and memorable and it really shows in the final gallery she edited for us.
— Gabe C. (Taipei)
Kristen’s artistic style and thoughtful direction really allowed us to be ourselves in front of her camera as she captured so many amazing moments during the shoot. Kristen is both knowledgeable in her craft and attentive in capturing and editing her photos in a way that so naturally highlights the people she photographs. We love her photos and looking back at them always brings much joy to our hearts. Thank you, Kristen! It was a real delight and treat to have our engagement photoshoot with you!
— Cathy C. (Taipei)
We are so so happy with our family photos from Kristen - she captured the essence of us so well. She quickly made everything feel very natural and fun - and she got our kids to laugh and smile (probably because her own huge smile is infectious!) so it didn’t feel like a “photo session”. She is so talented and it really was one of the most relaxed photo sessions for us as a family. I would recommend her over and over!
— Angela Y. (USA)
The moment I met Kristen, she greeted me with the most beautiful and warm smile. She has such a comforting and welcoming presence, and she made me feel so much more at ease during the shoot. The two hours that I had booked with her flew by soo quickly. She knew instantly what looked good and what didn't work. I was absolutely floored when I saw the finished photos. The lighting, the angles, the editing - all of it was PERFECT! SHE UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT. You get AMAZING value with Kristen, BOOK HER NOW!
— Jasmine C. (Canada)
I really enjoyed working with you, you did a lot to help me feel comfortable. I couldn't be happier with the photos (and with your service), they're fantastic! It would have been hard to choose just 10! Thanks again, it was easier and more fun than I expected!
— Thea P. (United Kingdom)
Kristen was so fun and easy to work with! She made our indoor and outdoor engagement shoots feel just like were hanging out with a friend. Her style is natural and fresh, highlighting all the best lighting and angles of the shoots. We also go her photos printed in a book, which we are excited to look back on in years to come.
— Anna L. (Taipei)
We were all excited to have this session that day! Kristen showed up on time and was ready with a smile! She was fantastic at helping us to feel at ease by giving suggestions, laughing with us, and just simply help us have a good time with each other. We loved the pictures that came out of this session! My grandparents were asking to print them out and display in their home! Thank you, Kristen for capturing our time together!
— Tina W. (Taipei)
You are very lucky to find Kristen!! I wouldn't be able to complete my personal life milestone project without her. Kristen is so friendly and easy to connect with; I feel very relaxed and joyful during the shoot. You don't feel like you are just posing to be in the pictures, but actually creating another meaningful personal memory. Kristen really knows how to play with the lights and angles, along with her professional editing skills, you can only be surprised by her amazing work! 11 out of 10!
— Kathryn C. (Taipei)
Kristen did an amazing job with our beachside family photoshoot. We had six people across three generations, including young children, and she was patient to "herd the cats" with her kind direction in both English and Chinese. Her positive attitude helped put everyone at ease so that by the end we were all having fun. In the end, she delivered beautiful and wonderfully natural shots that we will treasure for years to come. Thank you, Kristen!
— Caroline S. (Taipei)
We had Kristen take family photos for us and also anniversary photos as well. We loved having Kristen be our photographer as she was so patient with our kids and made the experience so much fun. The photos were so beautiful even when the sun was set and wind was blowing like crazy, she made them so beautiful and even worked hard to have them ready in a short time frame. She really made everything so special for our family and we look forward to having her take more pictures for us in the future to come :).
— Renee C. (Taipei)