The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

This session made me fall in love with early morning sessions. There's something so peaceful and sweet about the soft morning light--regardless of how many breakdowns over stickers there may be ;) I can't help but melt as I see the pure joy on the girls' faces as they're smothered in the kisses, tickles, and hugs of their parents. And I feel so lucky when the girls share the hugs and kisses with me, too. Very grateful to share in life with this family. <3

two mixed-race sisters giggling in a tickle fight between their parents
two sisters excitingly raising their hands while sitting in their parents' laps
all eyes on the little sister
older sister making a goofy face at dad while younger sister looks at the camera
a sweet family portrait where everyone is looking and smiling while sitting on a brown bench
a black and white family portrait with silly faces
a black and white family portrait with silly faces
two girls look at their parents while they hold hands and kiss in between them
the family is standing in a line while holding hands
dad throws daughter into the air and daughter smiles and holds her arms out
two girls racing up the stairs
two sisters hold orchid flowers while laughing really hard
toddler holds orchid flower and smiles while sitting on a brown bench
portrait photo of parents with a green-yellow background
portrait photo of parents with green-yellow foliage in the background
daughter looks into mother's eyes while sitting on her lap
daughter sticks tongue out at camera while sitting on mom's lap
father tickles her daughter and she looks into the camera
older sister kisses younger sister while she frowns
daughter runs into mother's arms and mom is smiling
a warm family embrace as kids run towards parents
family portrait at the cloudgate theatre in taiwan
black and white family portrait at cloudgate dance theatre in taiwan
family kissing and laughing in front of lily flowers in taipei
family portrait in front of lily flowers in taiwan
parents kiss youngest daughter while she holds a lily flower in taiwan
portrait of mom and dad in front of bamboo