PRE-WEDDINg / Engagement

the best morning

It was an early Friday morning, but these two showed up upbeat and ready to go (even after just flying in from New York the day before! What is jetlag??). I loved every minute of our time together and at the end of this session, I realized that my least favorite part of being a photographer is saying "goodbye" at the end of each photo session.

The 5 steps to KWEI's heart:

  1. For each session, I spend a lot of time getting to know you at the beginning, as we chat about locations, logistics, and other details.
  2. By the time the questionnaire is complete, I am invested in your story and have started envisioning the moments I want to capture with my camera.
  3. When we finally get to meet each other via video call, the anticipation for the day of the shoot grows even more!
  4. All of this builds up to the hour (or more!) we have scheduled together, and at the end, I have to say goodbye :')
  5. But, it's not over yet~ Once I get home, spend the next few weeks staring at your beautiful faces, editing each one of your photos, and appreciating the beauty that I see in you.

All of this to say--it is a huge honor to get to know each one of my clients and to be trusted to capture snapshots of your life for you to cherish for years to come. I am so thankful, and am so glad to get to cheer you on.

To Jenny & Michael: Congratulations, again!! Giving you all of my best :)