Extended Family

Fun with the Fam

Before moving back home to Australia, Brian and Nat wanted to gift their parents and aunts a photo session with their grandkids. They had no expectations but to have a fun afternoon and to capture the sweet relationships between the kids and their family members. <3 It was the coldest day of winter, but they still came prepared with a toy camera bubble gun, a ball, a picnic blanket, some snacks, and many layers of clothing :)

I loved getting to watch all the different games the adults knew how to play, the snacks that they'd whip out of their pockets to get them to smile, and how it felt like they always knew how to make the kids laugh. There were quite a few moments when the adults and kids would be assembling into different formations to start a new game, and I would be blown away by how synchronized and serious they were about having fun. I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with this fam and the sweet memories I got to witness and capture.