Sunny + Bhuwan flew in from London to celebrate their recent marriage with their dear family in Taiwan! People came from all over the island, and even Bhuwan's family flew in from India! Watching so many people from around the world come together to celebrate these two was so touching.

Things that I loved about this afternoon:

  • The sparkles of pride found in the bride and groom's parents' eyes
  • The deep appreciation and admiration for both Taiwanese and Indian cultures
  • Seeing huge smiles everywhere I looked; family reunions are so sweet
  • The evident love this family has for each other
  • That Sunny's beautiful, intricate, red dress matched the majestic Yuanshan Grand Hotel :)

Cheers to Sunny + Bhuwan!! You two are an amazing team and will conquer anything that comes your way. Wishing you all the best!